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  • Cleaner Maps with Clustering

    Published: Product on 04/23/2014

    Cleaner Maps with Clustering

    One of the most valuable features of Salespod for managers is the map, displaying the locations of every activity that reps have completed in the field. The map allows managers to make sure their mobile workers are where they need to be and covering their entire region, and to keep an eye on where everyone is in real-time, giving managers a closer connection to their field force. However, for companies that have hundreds of activities every day, or managers who want to look at data from longer periods of time than just the current day, the Salespod map can sometimes get a little crowded. Pins overlap one another or overwhelm the space, and in the past, only a certain number of activities could be shown at once. Last week, Salespod introduced a new version of the map designed to handle these issues with a simple, clean solution: activity clusters.

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  • Fine-Tune Your Operation

    Published: Product on 04/01/2014

    Fine-Tune Your Operation

    Last week, Salespod introduced a new section under the Settings of every account that gives managers more precise control over which features of Salespod they wish to use for their business. The new Application Settings page lets backoffice users turn on or off several of the more specific tools and functions of Salespod, tailoring the solution so that it best addresses their company's needs.

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  • Grouping Reps and Clients by Territory

    Published: Product on 03/27/2014

    Grouping Reps and Clients by Territory

    Salespod has always provided managers with the ability to filter data submitted from the field and zoom in on whatever specific activities, reps, and/or clients they wanted to see for any period of time. However, up until now, it has only been possible to filter by one rep and one client at a time. With the newest update to the manager's web console, Salespod has added a feature that lets managers organize reps and clients into Territories, which can then be used as filters so that the activities attached to a whole group of reps and/or clients will are visible at once.

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  • Streamlined Messaging

    Published: Product on 03/19/2014

    Streamlined Messaging

    Salespod recently added a new feature to its messaging functionality that gives managers the ability to quickly and easily check which of their reps have read any message sent.

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  • A Mobile Work Log

    Published: Product on 03/07/2014

    A Mobile Work Log

    Salespod allows managers to see not only the real-time current activities of their field reps, but also a permanently stored history of activities completed by Reps in the past. But it's not just managers who need access to that history. If a Rep wants to see what they did the last time they visited a particular Client, or which clients they visited on a particular day, they, too, can see that information through the Salespod mobile app.

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  • Keeping Your Products Organized

    Published: Product on 02/20/2014

    Keeping Your Products Organized

    If you have a large number of Products, if you're selling numerous brands, and/or if you offer some or all of your Products are varying price points, then trying to keep everything sorted neatly and intuitively for your reps can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, Salespod's customizable Product groups can address these problems and keep your products cleanly and logically organized.

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  • A Snapshot of Your Productivity

    Published: Product on 02/13/2014

    A Snapshot of Your Productivity

    Salespod's most helpful new feature is the more advanced reporting capabilities we recently added. While it's always been possible to get a general report of your team's productivity, those reports are now much more detailed and valuable than before.

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  • Organize Your Data to Suit Your Needs

    Published: Product on 01/31/2014

    Organize Your Data to Suit Your Needs

    If you've got reps gathering and submitting data from the field, then you're most likely already familiar with Salespod's customizable forms. These are survey-style documents that you as the administrator can design in order to manage what information your reps are collecting and how they're collecting it.

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  • Taking Orders on the Fly

    Published: Product on 01/16/2014

    Taking Orders on the Fly

    Representatives who make sales from the field all day can end up with a pile of purchase order paperwork, each piece of which takes up valuable time to produce. This information then has to be sent in all at once to the back office, where the manager receives it only after it's already out-of-date. Salespod is designed to cut down the time it takes to fill out purchase orders, and to allow reps to submit them in real-time once they're completed, so managers always have access to the most relevant sales data from their field force.

    In order for reps to be able to create purchase orders from the Salespod mobile app, the back office manager must first set up a product list from the Salespod web console. This list will be what Salespod uses to determine the available products for each purchase order, as well as the prices of each item. To add a pro...

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  • Using Client Tags in Salespod

    Published: Product on 12/23/2013

    Using Client Tags in Salespod

    Being able to organize, sort, and filter your clients is essential for the efficiency of both your field force and back office field activity management. Nobody wants to have to scroll through an endless list of clients every time they need to make a visit to or update the information for a specific customer.

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