Customer Surveying in Salespod

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Customer Surveying in Salespod

Salespod's collaboration tools considerably reduce time-consuming phone calls while increasing the quality of communication between your mobile team and field work managers, especially when it comes to gathering information from customers. With customer surveying in Salespod, managers can be two places at once. Meaning, they can see the information being gathered from customers, as well as manage from afar. Salespod allows managers to cut down on calls to specific reps to gather customer data, yet increase the amount of information coming in.

Custom Forms for Customer Surveying

Custom forms is a great feature in Salespod for gathering customer information and feedback. With custom forms, additional and specific pieces of information relevant for your own business can be added and tracked. (These fields are defined by your own company's Salespod administrator via Salespod web app, they are auto-synced to teams in the field and they can be edit by reps using Salespod mobile app. Custom fields like customer preference, customer feedback relating to specific products, and more (depending on customer surveying needs) can all be tracked within Salespod.

Client Events

Client events and reporting are also great features in Salespod for customer surveying. Managers gain insights through reporting, but so can the rest of the team. Team members can simultaneously add "events" upon feedback, as well as look at prior feedback or client events.

Salespod currently has several clients using Salespod for customer surveying as an important functionality of the platform. If you have field reps, focus on merchandising, or wholesaling, Salespod may be the perfect customer feedback solution that you can have working for you in your market. Call us at 617-299-6246 and email for more information.

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