Daily Field reporting

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Daily Field reporting

Salespod is a multifaceted tool for daily field reporting. Meaning, it allows you to manage all aspects of your field activities in one place while looking back at past events. Time tracking, data input, inventory and merchandising, purchase tracking, custom forms, and mobile crm for all your clients are all in one place for easy access. Importantly, all daily events can be seen through reporting and queried as needed.

Diary & Daily Reports

The Diary screen in Salespod allows reps and managers to see previous visits to clients and see events created in each visit under "Daily Reports". It also allows reps and managers to see "Working Hours" which incorporates start of day, end of day, hour totals, and milage.

Field Data

All events (documents, photos, messages, visit notifications, time, mileage, notes, etc.) can be seen for reporting. Salespod allows for filtering based on:

  • Type of activity
  • Time period
  • Representative
  • Client
  • Tags

Managers are quickly able to pull up data from the field based on their specific query.

The Representative Card

The "Representative card" contains basic field activity reports for every representative. The periods shown in there are predefined (Today, Yesterday, Last Friday, This week, Last week, This month, Last month). This allows for reporting on team members down to specific activities and actions of that particular member.

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