Field Management for On-the-Go Businesses

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Field Management for On-the-Go Businesses

Businesses that are constantly on the go need to have some sort of organizing force that keeps that pack together and allows them to collaborate even at a distance. Whether you have several different food carts that move around your city or you command a fleet of delivery trucks, you need to have some sort of field management to prevent miscommunication from bringing down productivity. By using a Salespod plan, you can wirelessly link all of your mobile employees together in a web of real time mobile communication using smartphones and tablet devices.

Salespod can track sales data to inform you of the daily earnings from your mobile business, and you can keep track of what locations sell the most products. Owning and operating a mobile business may be less expensive in some ways, but keeping track of employees that could be miles and miles away from each other and from the home office can get tricky. Fortunately, Salespod's plans include GPS tracking so that you always know exactly where your employees are and how many miles they have logged. Mobile employees can also log in and out of work on their smartphone and tablets, so there's no time lost driving to home base before and after work.

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