Salespod's customer support now powered by Zendesk: live chat, knowledge base and ticketing

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We always wished to give our customers the best support they can get and provide them with full assistance in their everyday work. So what did we do? We raised the bar.

Recently we incorporated Zendesk support platform in Salespod's web site and back office app so every customer who needs any help or have a question could approach to us with an ease. All that one needs to do is to press "Support" button on the right  side of Salespod screen and choose between three options: knowledge base, live chat and ticket support.

Searchbox Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a depository of knowledge, a forum-like support center with dozens of Tips & Tricks, Video tutorials and Community help. After you press "Support" button a pop-up screen will open with searchbox in top of the screen. Write down keywords you wish to look for and find the article that best matches your inquiry. You can also start your own discussion and get an answer from other users as well.

Live Chat
Live chat support

If you have a short and simple question which requires fast response from us, you are welcome to start a chat with us. If our agents are available they will join you in a private chat.

Ticket Inquiry
Ticket support

If non of the agents are available, you will be asked to pose a question in a ticket form. All tickets will be answered as soon as possible and answers will be forwarded to your mailbox.

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