Make Shelving Nightmares a Thing of the Past

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Make Shelving Nightmares a Thing of the Past

Any retail employee will tell you that working with difficult customers, cleaning up spilled and broken product, and even working an extra shift is nothing compared to setting up new shelving or displays. One of the reasons why the task is so difficult is because there is generally only one copy of the instructions, and a whole team of people have to complete the project. However, there is hope to be found in the sales force automation tools offered by Salespod. You might think of spreadsheets and timesheets when you think of business or retail automation software, but did you know that Salespod also includes the ability to share shelving diagrams and photographs as well?

It might bring tears of joy to your eyes knowing that an entire crew might have access to the shelving diagrams, all at the same time. Not only will you and your employees be able to access the diagrams simultaneously, but you can also take pictures of the diagram to send to the back office so you don't have to hunt down a supervisor to inspect your hard work. The supervisor in charge of field management will be as equally grateful as you to simply receive a picture. Changes in the shelving diagrams can also be traded back and forth without running from one side of the store to the other every fifteen minutes. If you're in a constant state of fear knowing that holiday displays and shelving is about to begin en masse, try looking at the photo documentation section of Salespod today.

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