Market Research with Salespod

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Market Research with Salespod

You are already conducting market research, just by having a field sales team. Think about it. Your sales representatives are your eyes and ears in your market. Talking to customers, listening, and recording information about your customers is exactly the job of your team. Sure, their main function is sales, but most of sales is listening to your customers and reacting accordingly.

Thinking smart and strategic is using the information your sales team gathers for other company functions. This is in fact, the very definition of business intelligence: the ability for an organization to collect, maintain, and organize data.

In Salespod, sales representatives in the field can track using dynamic forms built for this very purpose. Frequent data collection allows field work managers and sales managers to not only monitor field activities, but to further understand market movements.

Forms - Web App

Real-time data at managers fingertips allow them to make smarter and faster decisions pertaining exactly to their market and its behavior. With auto-sync, all team members will have up-to-date information at their fingertips. Data collected while in the field can also be used later for specific analysis.

Salespod is also built for data queries. Easily prepared from a single place in Salespod Web application, specific queries can be adjusted as needed. An all-in-one solution, Salespod is a market research tool that combines the power of business intelligence with job functionality.

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