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Salespod is a complete sales enablement software for your outside sales and merchandising operations. We simplified tasks allowing you to focus on sales effectiveness rather than reporting.


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Cleaner Maps with Clustering

One of the most valuable features of Salespod for managers is the map, displaying the locations of every activity that reps have completed in the field. The map allows managers to make sure their mobile workers are where they need to be and covering their entire region, and to keep an eye on where everyone is in real-time, giving managers a closer connection to their field force. However, for companies that have hundreds of activities every day, or managers who want to look at data from longer periods of time than just the current day, the Salespod map can sometimes get a little crowded. Pins overlap one another or overwhelm the space, and in the past, only a certain number of activities could be shown at once. Last week, Salespod introduced a new version of the map designed to handle these issues with a simple, clean solution: activity clusters.

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