Outside Sales, Merchandising and Lead Management Software

A Cloud & Mobile Sales Effectiveness Tool for your Field Force

Salespod is a smartphone and tablet software for field marketing operations such as outside sales, merchandising, lead management and in-store promotions.

Salespod solution is especially suitable for SMB's who are searching for agile sales management and strong growth.


Our customers report up to 20-30% increase in revenue from day one, as well as greater insight into all field activities.

Outside Sales

Salespod allows your reps to focus on their activities and creates relevant reports in real time, making it a perfect outside sales software for managing your field teams. Your reps can track time, manage clients and do much more.

All activities are GEO tracked, so you'll get full insight of your team operations as they happen. Find out more about outside sales in Salespod.

Outside Sales Software

Lead Management

Salespod with its sales pipeline and custom client attributes is the perfect mobile lead management software. Your reps can enter leads in the field, progress them through your sales pipeline and close deals.

As a manager you'll get full insight into your current sales pipeline, and your whole sales process will be much more transparent and easy to manage. Find out more about lead management in Salespod.

Lead Management Software

Retail and Visual Merchandising

Salespod is a perfect retail and visual merchandising software that allows you to monitor and manage both your clients and your team's activities. Use photos to document products and locations. Custom forms are useful for any kind of activity tracking like product promotion or positioning, order managementprice monitoring and positioningstock level and much more.


Click here to find out more about Salespod's merchandising software.

Retail and Visual Merchandising Software

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Fine-Tune Your Operation

Last week, Salespod introduced a new section under the Settings of every account that gives managers more precise control over which features of Salespod they wish to use for their business. The new Application Settings page lets backoffice users turn on or off several of the more specific tools and functions of Salespod, tailoring the solution so that it best addresses their company's needs.

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