A Mobile Lead Management Solution

Managing Leads, Pipeline and Existing Clients

Lead management solution

Enable your reps to manage leads using their smartphone or tablet

In order to build and maintain strong relationship with the clients, field reps must be equipped with a reliable lead management software available on their smartphones and tablets.

Salespod's mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android comes in with easy to use client data management and mobile forms, as well as features like Google Places integration, enabling your reps to focus on moving your clients through your sales pipeline and providing your managers great reporting to track and measure your sales team performance.

Sales pipeline

Progress your leads through the Sales Pipeline

The most important milestones in your lead and client lifecycle are tracked using the Sales Pipeline Status. The Salespod mobile app for your reps enables them to progress the leads through the pipeline and to note client conversions and closing deals.

Customize the pipeline to your own needs in a simple web page, and all updates are automatically synced with your rep's mobile apps.

Field Activities

Streamline your lead management operations

Salespod's mobile app for smartphones and tablets is designed to give your reps real time, accurate, relevant and accessible information about their clients, enabling them to build a strong and reliable connection between themselves and their managers while in the field.

Any important data relevant to your company is easily shared between the office and your outside team, as well as integrated with your backoffice system, Google Apps or simply synchronized with a spreadsheet.

Use mobile forms to manage your leads

Focus on Leads and Activities, rather than CRM system

With Salespod mobile app, field reps will get a complete lead management solution which will enable them to access their client's basic and extended info, update client status, attach tags (labels) on client, fill out previously customized forms and use text communication channels - text messages, billboard  announcementsclient notes and much more.

Salespod's Manager app is a Web based client management software for team managers. Using Salespod Web app, back office users can assign client visits to field reps, track field activity reports in real time and gain superb oversight over all field operations. Any relevant activity is geo tracked and measured and both you and your reps are freed to focus on tasks rather than a system.