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Direct Store Delivery business process is a dynamic and challenging work environment where sales reps and back office manager must strongly rely on each other and collaborate all the way. With the right solution capable to streamline sales and delivery processes companies can devote more time to spend with the customers.

  • have real time, accurate, relevant and accessible information,
  • maintain strong and reliable connection between managers and sales reps,
  • provide fast information flow,
  • assure utmost precision in work,
  • constantly optimize routes and visit schedules.
Salespod enables Direct Store Delivery teams to:
Salespod mobile application enables mobile workers to:


Benefits gained with Salespod:
  • significant savings on fuel consumption and work time,
  • optimized route plans,
  • faster response on events happening in the field,
  • sales reps have minimal chance to make mistakes while taking order,
  • stronger collaboration among employees.


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