Sales Tracking

To exceed customers expectation and enforce the competition, wholesalers and distributors must respond to market needs in the shortest possible time, having a strong sales team, constant insight into the market situation and powerful solution able to streamline all sales operations.

  • exceed customers expectation,
  • have update contact information and up-to-the-minute inventory data,
  • supply salesmen with fresh information on products and prices,
  • provide salesmen with real time support.
Salespod for Field sales enables back office managers to
  • collect crucial information on customers and market movements,
  • track field sales operation on the map in real time,
  • use text messaging and billboards for live communication with salesmen,
  • create more optimized visit plans and routes,
  • generate sales analysis reports and dive deeper into the data.
Salespod mobile application enables mobile workers to easily:
  • enter multiple types of orders and collect critical information on customers,
  • have accurate information on products and prices,
  • present product catalogue on their screen.
  • keep record of work time and vehicle mileage,
  • create photo documentation


Benefits gained with Salespod:
  • real time insight into all field operations,
  • significantly improved collaboration among employees,
  • sales representatives have permanent insight into their own work results,
  • accelerated overall sales process,
  • phone calls reduced by 90%,
  • sales representatives find more satisfaction in their work.


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