data collecting - form
Market research

Every day, companies working on Salespod fill thousands of forms in order to collect the latest data from the field. Dynamic forms are easily prepared and used so they are especially suitable for Retail merchandising, Field sales and Market research.

Data Collecting - Mobile Forms
Data collection

Frequent data collection allows Field Work Managers and Sales Managers to monitor field activities and market movements in real time and make the right decisions faster. With Salespod you are able to create your own data forms and collect data that is relevant to your business! All the data filled through forms is instantly available in Salespod Web application and ready for detailed analysis through Salespod analytics.

Data Collecting - Form Sync
Automated sync

All sorts of data queries are easily prepared from a single place in Salespod Web application and you can even make adjustments to them on a daily basis. Field workers receive latest changes on their mobile devices instantly so they are always up to date with all the data forms they need for work. Sales force automation software makes it easy to collect valuable information while on-the-go and keeps all of your employees up-to-date with the latest company trends.

Summary of features
  • Create your own dynamic forms with no coding
  • Fill up forms quick and accurately
  • Manage form visibility among field workers
  • Fetch previously filled data regardless who entered it
  • Make detailed analyses of collected data
  • Define mandatory queries