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Taking orders through Salespod will enable you to close orders easier and faster while reducing the amount of work and errors. With Salespod your sales reps are always up to date with the latest information on products, promotions and pricing available on their mobile devices.

Smart phones and tablets

When an order or invoice is entered through a smart phone or tablet it is instantly available to Salespod back office app and/or your ERP system so there is no need to rewrite any of the data.

Sales Force Automation -order Entry
Multiple types of purchase orders

Salespod supports the entry of multiple purchase orders types which are easily created according to your clients' needs. All orders sent to the company are automatically sorted in the same way they are processed in the warehouse, which significantly speeds up the overall sales and distribution process.

Sales Force Automation -order Dispatch
Order forwarding

Order forwarding functionality allows collecting customer orders and rerouting them to multiple distributors. This way it is possible to create a strong distribution network with smaller distributors.

Summary of features
  • Reliable and fast order taking
  • Automatic data syncing
  • Multiple types of purchase orders
  • Order forwarding
  • Scalable discount permissioning