Working time and mileage tracking
Field expenses under control

Effectively managing the work time of your mobile workforce and taking control of true vehicle expenses can definitely give you a headache. Can you tell when exactly your field worker starts the workday? Can you reduce your vehicle expenses when you don't even know what they really are? Salespod's Time and Mileage Tracking software is a mobile CRM that allows you to easily solve these problems and gain more control over your field workforce costs.

Worktime And Mileage Tracking
Work time management

Salespod enables your mobile workforce to enter the start and end times of their workday and to keep record of the duration of their work assignments using a smart phone or tablet. In addition to work time, Salespod also allows you to constantly track your vehicle mileage.

Client Visits - Workforce Locator
Optimized field routes

All the entered data is automatically sent to the company associated with the GPS position so it is easy to check whether there are any discrepancies. The functionality of the workforce locator greatly facilitates the ability of managers to keep records of their mobile team's work and to optimize field workforce expenses.

Summary of features
  • Record and monitor work time
  • Record and monitor vehicle mileage
  • Track GPS location of field team
  • Analyze work attendance